New Kuwait CEO to support in transitioning the company to a Digital Solutions Partner

In April 2023, Kems-Zajil Telecom, which has been providing internet services in Kuwait since 1991, announced that its board of directors has appointed Engineer Waleed Al-Qallaf as CEO, effective March 2023. He will lead the next phase of the company’s expansion in Kuwait. Al-Qallaf joined Kems-Zajil Telecom as CEO after completing his term as a full-time board member of the Kuwait Telecom and Information Technology Authority.

Nizar Al-Saei, Chairman of the Board of Kalam Group, commented on the appointment, stating: “The Board of Directors is pleased to appoint Engineer Waleed Al-Qallaf as CEO of Kems-Zajil Telecom, who will lead the company and develop its performance to achieve the Board’s strategy. Mr. Waleed is an experienced business leader with a rich history of developing sustainable, diversified, and profitable businesses. The Board of Directors believes that he is the right person to lead Kems-Zajil Telecom in driving digital transformation in Kuwait.”

Veer Bassi, Kalaam Telecom Group CEO, added: “We are delighted to have Engineer Waleed Al-Qallaf with us and look forward to his leadership in transforming Kems-Zajil Telecom from an internet services provider to a digital solutions partner. Focusing on technology will contribute to the company’s comprehensive transformation towards the technology field, with a strong emphasis on supporting the institutional sector in Kuwait on their journey towards digital transformation and providing a personalized and flexible customer experience.”

Eng. Waleed AlQallaf, CEO, KEMS-Zajil Telecom, said: “It is an honor for me to lead a wonderful group of employees for Kalaam-Zajil Telecom at this exciting time in the company’s history. Kalaam-Zajil Telecom, which has now become part of the Kalaam Telecom Group, looks forward to establishing a strong presence in the business and government sectors and transitioning to becoming a partner for digital solutions by launching new solutions and services with innovative value propositions from communication services, data transfer, cloud computing solutions, information security, managed networks, information technology, data centers, internet of things, and big data. We are currently investing in upgrading our core network, adding relevant partnerships, enhancing service level agreements for customers, digitizing service delivery, and supporting customers to build an effective market to facilitate the digital customer journey.”

Engineer Waleed Al-Qallaf added: “The company cannot succeed without successful employees, so we always look to develop our investments in our talented employees and bring new skills to our growing team.”

The appointment of Engineer Waleed Al-Qallaf comes after working for more than 32 years in various fields related to the Telecom industry, and before joining the Telecom Regulatory Authority, he served as CEO of Qualitynet, based in Kuwait.

He is considered one of the pioneers in forming the Arab Internet Service Providers Association (ARISPA) and was one of the founders of the Middle East, North Africa, Gulf, and Iraq Operators Union to create a cable system that extends from the United Arab Emirates through the Gulf Cooperation Council, Iraq to Istanbul.

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