By Dr. Soumya R Shetty
ENT Specialist
Badr Al Samaa Medical Centre

One fine day, I went out on a drive with my little daughter and along a roundabout, she jumped in joy looking out the window. “Look mommy, it’s so beautiful, the green trees, grass and tiny little yellow flowers”, she said.

So true, those beautiful yellow blooms spread across the grass were looking so exquisite, like sunshine drops scattered around. It made me wonder, how I missed seeing these even though I drive on the same road almost every day.

I remember seeing these blooms the first year I moved to Kuwait. And I had waited for the next spring to arrive so I could enjoy these beauties again.

But somewhere along the way, I forgot!!

Truly i felt like a leaf being blown around by the wind. So many beautiful details around me and I have hardly noticed them. Life often passes by in a blur.

Isn’t the journey supposed to be more beautiful than the destination itself?

Especially the last couple years felt like a tight rope walking across two cliffs and the adrenaline rush that set in is still lingering.

As a doctor, one thing I noticed during the pandemic lockdowns was how we all craved for that human connection. We wanted someone to acknowledge us, listen to us, and be heard. But, now that things are improving, how often do we lift our eyes up from the electronic devices and really look at the person sitting across us.

I wish we could hit that pause button on life and slow down to relish the things that really matter.

These pretty flowers remind us of how ephemeral life is. Maybe another few weeks and pouf!! They are gone.

We are heading in to the holy month of Ramadan. This spiritual season brings with it the hope, the opportunity to introspect, assess our choices and be grateful for the priceless gift of Life.

My wish for everyone this holy month is May you have the luxury of slowing down, taking a deep breath and look around, I mean REALLY see the things around you. Connect with your loved ones, friends, colleagues, someone you pass by in a street, someone you meet at work, any person you come across.

I wish we all get our chance to enjoy those tiny blooms while they last and cherish all the wonders of life. Hold on to the beautiful memories, so that when the tough times come, these treasured moments will provide the strength to fight back and live on..

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