The Writers’ Forum Kuwait conducted a monthly meeting at the residence of the Forum’s President, Mrs. Maimuna Ali Chougle, on March 10. The forum gathers every month to appreciate the creative expertise of all the members. The evening commenced with the General Secretary, Mrs. Nazneen Ali welcoming all the members and wishing them the festival of Holi. She greeted the women present by acknowledging the recent occasion of International Women’s Day. Ms. Anupama Chaturvedi was requested to be the Chief Guest of the evening, as an acknowledgment of empowering women, and Mr. Ali Chougle was invited to preside over the day’s proceedings.

It was an immersive evening, complete with all the writers and poets presenting their best work. The writers volunteered their choicest compositions, and the poetry session comprised the poets presenting everything from Urdu and Punjabi ghazals to witty Kannada poems and heartfelt verses dedicated by a member to her pet dog.

Ms. Chaturvedi amused the attendees with her tasteful comments on everyone’s presentation. The members relished savory recipes and also conveyed their gratitude to the Chougle family for their hospitality and support.

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