The American Business Council- AmCham Kuwait in collaboration with British Business Forum-Kuwait, Canadians in Kuwait, German Business Council-Kuwait, Lebanese Business Council- Kuwait, Portuguese Business Council- Kuwait, and Spanish Business Council- Kuwait held an Inter-Council Speed Networking event, attended by their respective members and friends. The event was held with the goal to continue fostering business relationships amongst the different business communities through the networking dinner.

The highly anticipated Inter-Council Summer Dinner proved to be an extraordinary affair, leaving attendees with lasting memories of fruitful business connections, delightful gastronomy, and engaging social interactions. Hosted at the exquisite SINTOHO restaurant within the renowned Four Seasons Hotel, this exclusive event provided an unparalleled opportunity for professionals to expand their networks, exchange ideas, and foster valuable partnerships with like-minded peers.

Embodying the collective commitment of the participating councils, the Inter-Council Summer Dinner aimed to strengthen ties between businesses and professionals, driving innovation, and advancing economic growth in the country. Guests immersed themselves in an atmosphere conducive to open dialogue and collaboration, where expertise was shared, market trends were discussed, and potential avenues for cooperation were explored.

The event’s relaxed and convivial setting encouraged the exchange of knowledge and insights, equipping attendees with valuable resources to navigate today’s dynamic business landscape. As the evening unfolded, alliances were fortified, and new opportunities for success in diverse industries emerged.

The Inter-Council Summer Dinner stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of all the business councils involved in fostering a thriving and interconnected business community. Their joint efforts, exemplified by this remarkable event, will undoubtedly contribute to the continued growth and prosperity of the nation’s business landscape.

The networking event concluded with a raffle draw that had several prizes from raffle donors. The first prize was provided four vouchers from Venture Foods Kuwait- China Garden, the second raffle prize included four vouchers for an invitation for lunch or dinner at one of the five stars hotels provided by Al Mulla Exchange, the third raffle prize was four vouchers to use in-store provided by AAB Word, and the fourth raffle prize were 3 in-store vouchers provided by Harly Davidson.

ABCK-AmCham Kuwait: Is a non-profit organization operating since 1985 and is composed of Fortune 500 corporations, small and medium-sized companies, and prominent business leaders and entrepreneurs, both American and Kuwaiti. ABCK-AmCham Kuwait has acted as an advocate for American interest in the state of Kuwait. For More Information, please visit our website at or follow us on our social media channel @abck1985

The British Business Forum:

The British Business Forum (BBF) in Kuwait has been in existence for nearly 50 years. It was set up and operated under the auspices of the British Embassy. It is a non-profit organization run by Business professionals for Business and its prime focus is to connect and promote British organizations and businesses interests in Kuwait using its membership network. Such is collated from both Individual and Corporate classes of membership and ranges in organisations across all sectors and nationalities. The BBF is supportive of the UK Department of International Trade (DTI) and the growth of UK/ Kuwait business relationships and opportunities through its membership and knowledge base of membership who are subject matter experts (SME’s) in many business sectors, including Oil & Gas, Education, Finance, Logistics, Infrastructure, Retail, and Health. The BBF is able to facilitate connections between people and organisations on personal and corporate levels through its network of members and supporters. Those wishing to find out more or are interested in joining us can contact the BBF administration officer, Julie Fautley via

Canadians in Kuwait:

CiK is a non-profit membership-based organization supported by Canadian and Non-Canadian volunteers. CiK shares Canadian culture with Kuwaitis’ utilizing the talent and efforts of its members. CiK members participate actively in various events like Community-based, and national events in Canada and Kuwait. CIK offers networking to help its members expand their network and feel a home away from home through fun activities and outings. It also contributes to bringing Canadian and Kuwaitis together and provides an opportunity to experience one another’s cultures.
CiK offers weekly Friday breakfasts to its members and their friends at various restaurants in Kuwait. Those wishing to find out more or are interested in joining us can contact the CiK via

The German Business Council:

The German Business Council is a non-profit organization and business platform, founded in 2005, in order to promote and cultivate relations between German-speaking individuals and companies with their counterparts from the host country and the region. Monthly business events and gatherings serve to increase the profile of the German-speaking economic presence and provide regular opportunities for networking and exchange of information. The GBCK is conducting its operations in close and trusting cooperation with the German, Austrian, and Swiss Embassies and institutions in Kuwait. Follow us on social media @gbckuwait

The Lebanese Business Council:

The Lebanese Business Council in Kuwait (LBCK) is a Non-Profit group established in 2020 under the Lebanese Embassy in Kuwait. It is composed of 150 members, including small and medium-sized companies. LBCK’s mission is to promote trade between Kuwaiti and Lebanese businesses and to strengthen the economic and cultural exchange between the two countries.

For more information, please visit our website at: or follow us on our social media channels:

Facebook: Lebanese Business Council in Kuwait
Instagram: Ibck_kuwait
Twitter: @Ibck Kuwait

The Portuguese Business Council:

The Portuguese Business Council Kuwait is an organization that aims to promote economic and commercial ties between Portugal and Kuwait. It provides a platform for Portuguese companies to network, exchange information, and develop business opportunities in Kuwait. The PBCK serves as a liaison between Portuguese businesses and the Kuwaiti government, helping to facilitate trade and investment between the two countries.

The Spanish Business Council:

The Spanish Business Council Kuwait (SBCK) is a non-profit organization and initiative officially constituted in 2021 and composed of Spanish Companies and representatives of Spanish Companies. The SBCK is establishing itself as a corporate platform to strengthen business and cultural ties between Spain and Kuwait, through the linking of Spanish companies with Kuwaiti public and private entities. For More Information, please visit our website at or follow us on our social media channel @sbckuwait.

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