Sheikh Talal Al-Fahd won the presidency of the Olympic Council of Asia, after obtaining 24 votes against 20 votes for his rival, Hussein Al-Musallam.

Voting procedures began in the presidential elections in which Sheikh Talal Al-Fahd and Hussein Al-Musallam competed after they presented their work plan for the new session.

Sheikh Talal Al-Fahd made it clear that he has been with the Asian sports family for 40 years and will seek to enhance financial support and investment for the development of sports and athletes.

He promised everyone that he would work 24 hours a day without rest for the Olympic Council of Asia.

As for the candidate, Hussein Al-Musallam, he said: “You need a president who listens to you, and I will listen to all your observations and recommendations. I made a promise to myself that sports would have all my attention.”

He added, “The athlete must be the first in everything. I need your support to complete the journey that I started with you since 1982.

The General Assembly of the Olympic Council of Asia was delayed in holding the elections due to the objection of the representative of Syria not to be allowed to vote, while Uzbekistan, whose representative was not allowed to enter the hall at the time of the meeting, was allowed.

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