The head of the Union of Petroleum Workers and the Petrochemical Industry, Muhammad Mishaan Al-Otaibi, has warned against “provoking the oil sector employees by again talking about the strategic alternative.

Al-Otaibi said in a statement to Al-Rai daily that “the government’s attempts to bring us back to square one and clamp down on workers in the oil sector will not discourage the Petroleum Union and the oil unions from returning to their previous firm positions in this regard.”

He believes that “the government’s endeavor to apply the strategic alternative to the oil sector does not take into account the great role and responsibility placed on the shoulders of oil workers and the nature of their work that is completely different from the nature of the work of other government agencies.”

He warned against “violating the rights and entitlements of workers or their acquired rights,” considering that “the deputies of the National Assembly abandoning their role and their promises to us will be written in history and we will remind them of it soon.”

He pointed out that “going back to talking about the strategic alternative is tantamount to not appreciating the role of workers in the oil sector,” saying that “the Petroleum Union and its unions are the stronghold of oil workers, and we will not allow the rights of workers approved by the law to be violated.”

Al-Otaibi was surprised by “re-talking about the strategic alternative in the public sector, which will also be affected by significant shortcomings, not just the oil sector.”

He pointed out that “if the government wants to improve the conditions of employees, it must increase the salaries of state employees in the government sector and not resort to curtailing their rights, who will be the first to be affected by it.”

Al-Otaibi stated that “there is a state of resentment in the oil sector because of this talk, which is tantamount to transforming the sector into a repellent for national labor and an attraction for foreign labor, and Kuwait’s main income, which is entirely dependent on oil, will be affected with it.”

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