Those whose residency visas are about to expire should renew it before January 12 so as to avoid problems for they will have to pay fines for illegally staying in the country, warned the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM)

The sources noted that next Thursday is the last date for completing transactions for renewals or transfers as the services will be suspended for two weeks.

PAM will suspend visa renewals from 1 to 11 January during which all work will be transferred to the new online system. A smoother online system will be launched on January 12, 2021, and employers’ applications will be processed once again on January 17. The numbers of work files currently registered with PAM will change according to the progress made on the online system, which will be opened to employers to enable them to easily inquire about their new file numbers.

PAM announced its intention to convert all services provided by labor departments to online services to limit the number of visitors entering the buildings to review their applications at the beginning of 2021.

The daily reported the new services which will be provided through the online website, will give employers the ability to complete procedures by attaching digital copies of documents related to the various transactions provided, whether they are academic qualifications, passport copies or others, while giving references to an assigned code, which can be presented to the employee at the department with the original civil ID of the applicant.

Henceforth, PAM sources urged those whose date of expiration for their residency visa falls within the time period, they must renew or extend their residence permits during the few remaining days of this week.

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