Temperatures in Kuwait look to be soaring to 50 degrees Celsius, marking Summer 2019 in Kuwait as likely one of the hottest in recent years. With deaths reported around the world from scorching heat waves and people being hospitalized due to suffering in extreme heat, here is how to protect yourself from the summer heat.

  1. Do not stay in or leave anyone in closed, parked cars during hot weather, especially children or pets.
  2. Do not exercise vigorously during the hottest times of the day. Instead, run, jog or exercise during the cooler part of the day.
  3. Wear light, loose-fitting clothing made from materials such as cotton, so sweat can evaporate. Do not forget to protect yourself from the sun either with a hat or an umbrella.
  4. Drink lots of liquids to replace the fluids you lose from sweating. Do not wait until you feel like you need a drink. When exercising, take small sips of liquid rather than large drinks. Water is the best drink to replace lost fluids.
  5. Do not drink beverages with caffeine as they speed up fluid loss.
  6. Some people perspire more than others do. Those who do should drink as much fluid as they can during hot, humid days.
  7. Visit older adults or others at risk at least twice a day and closely watch them for signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Source: American Red Cross


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