The Kuwait Municipality has set many goals related to the development and renovation of the Mubarakiya markets, which aim to encourage and enhance local and regional tourism.

The municipality confirmed, according to a local Arabic daily, that it is coordinating with the Arab Office to develop the structural plan for Souk Al Mubarakiya, to achieve a bigger and more comprehensive vision for the Mubarakiya area shops and restaurants, a mosque, a public garden and an area for celebrations and to replace the ground detachments with the ones in the basement to exploit these spaces for the market and to link the site and ease of traffic.

The study indicated that there are many purposes for the development process, including the following:

— Creating an attractive environment for the historical market

— Revitalization of public places

— Enhancing demographic diversity

— Market expansion

— Connecting the new areas with the old ones

The economic purposes include the following:

— Encouraging the operation of the market throughout the day

— Attracting local entrepreneurs

— Promoting local and regional tourism

— Rationalization infrastructure costs

— Generating revenue for the current market and new areas

— Increasing turnout and attracting new users

The environmental objective is to:

— Improving the pedestrian environment

— Encouraging sustainable public transport

— Improving the general climate

— Stimulating the use of renewable energy

— Promoting innovative architecture

— Creating green areas

The municipality’s vision emphasized the merging of the spirit of heritage with modernity in the architectural character, where the architectural design has the advantage of merging the spirit of heritage and the future. In this regard the sources talked about the creation of several new sites, including:

Museum and information center; a hotel, multi-storey car park, commercial buildings (site study), a mosque and commercial buildings, celebrations square and municipal garden.

As part of the continuous efforts to implement municipal laws and regulations, and to preserve aesthetic appearances in various regions, and within the field campaigns undertaken by all municipality teams to prevent violations and infringements on state property, the emergency team in Hawalli Municipality removed one of the encroachments on state property in the Rumaithiya area – the auction activity which was carried out without a license.

Team leader Ibrahim Al-Shaba’an said in a statement to the daily that work is continuing to monitor and remove any violations and apply the law to everyone without exception.

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