The Ministry of Health has taken decisive action against several private health facilities in response to violations of the Law Regulating the Pharmaceutical Profession 28/1996, as amended by Law 30/2016. The ministry’s decision was made following thorough investigations and recommendations from inspection committees, with the primary aim of ensuring the quality and safety of healthcare services provided to the public, reports Al-Rai Daily.

In accordance with the findings of the inspection committees and the results of the investigations, the Ministry of Health announced the closure and revocation of licenses for multiple private health establishments. Last week alone, the ministry took action against five private health centers, 40 medical clinics, and 20 pharmacies.

By revoking the licenses of the non-compliant facilities, the ministry aims to maintain the standards expected of private health establishments and safeguard the well-being of patients.

As the Ministry of Health continues its efforts to maintain the integrity of the healthcare system, further actions may be taken against non-compliant facilities in the future. The ministry remains dedicated to its mission of upholding the highest standards of care, professionalism, and patient safety throughout the private health sector.

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