The Ministry of Interior revealed that the number of expatriates deported from the country from January 1, 2019 until July 11, 2021 reached 42,529, and it cost the State Treasury 2.1 million dinars — the value of their travel tickets.

A local Arabic daily quoting Interior sources explained the sponsors of these expatriates who have been deported will have to bear the cost of deportation and they will be followed until the amount is paid in full.

This came in the ministry’s response to a question by MP Mohalhal Al-Mudhaf, a copy of which has been obtained by the daily.

Regarding the question about the issuance of an administrative decision to deport a Jordanian following his statement to the media about the decisions of the Ministry of Health on the issue of ‘Corona’, the Ministry of the Interior affirmed its commitment to ensuring freedom of opinion in accordance with Article 36 of the Constitution, which states that “freedom of opinion and scientific research is guaranteed, and every person has the right to express and publish his opinion verbally, in writing or otherwise, in accordance with the terms and conditions specified by law.”

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