Voluntary admission into the addiction treatment center is the first step towards recovery from addiction. According to the Interior Ministry’s anti-narcotics department periodic bulletin, which Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) obtained, said that it was important to test individuals for substance abuse to determine the correct way for treatment.

The most important step is acknowledging the problem by the individual him or herself and seeking voluntary admission, as indicated in the bulletin.

Parents or family members of the addict could also come forward and report a case of addiction, indicated the bulletin. Several steps are included in the treatment journey with the first being admission to the center, the second was withstand the withdrawal symptoms and finally the most important part soldiering on the road of recovery.

The life of an addict could continue on after recovery with going to school, working and other life activities being encouraged to better the lives of those who once fell into the pit of drugs.

Source- KUNA

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