In a unique scientific precedent, the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research has completed a research project entitled ‘Using Artificial Intelligence to Model the Effect of Genetic Mutations on Public Health.

According to a local Arabic daily, the researchers were able to use artificial intelligence to predict the effect of single genetic mutations on the overall growth of organisms, which is characterized by the small number of its genes and the possibility of manipulating and disrupting them in the laboratory. After the initial success of this modeling, the researchers were able to apply it to predict the impact of single genetic mutations on the overall health of multiple organisms, including humans and fruit flies.

The most important outputs of the project are reducing the economic cost of genetic studies, discovering new genetic targets for diagnosing patients, in addition to developing drugs to treat some genetic diseases. In particular, the modeling developed by researchers has the ability to predict the effects of multiple cumulative mutations that affect more than one gene at the same time, as this modeling was able to predict whether these accumulated mutations may exacerbate the disease condition or mitigate its pathological severity. to the point of complete recovery.

The research was headed by Dr. Badr Al-Enezi, a scientific researcher in cell and genetics from the Environment and Life Sciences Research Center; Dr. Muhammad Khaja, a scientific researcher in computer science and artificial intelligence from the Department of Systems and Software Development and Dr. Saja Fakhreddin, a scientific researcher in bioengineering from the Center for Bioengineering Environmental and Life Sciences Research.

This research was funded by the United Nations Global Center for Genetic Engineering and Biosciences, and was published in the international journal Biopharmaceutical issued by the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

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