The hotel sector in Kuwait entered a new phase of recovery as there has been a significant increase in occupancy rates with the advent of the summer season. The resorts in Kuwait are booked as a result of the decline in options of international tourism due to travel restrictions and the prevalence of Covid-19, Al Anbaa reported.

Domestic tourism has had great credit for alleviating the decline in hotel occupancy, but the continued closure of the airport for the return of non-Kuwaitis still hinders the complete return of hotel business as it was before the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

The Secretary-General of the Hotel Owners Association, Mohamed Najia, revealed that the hotel occupancy has increased during the current period compared to the beginning of this year, especially after the lifting of the partial curfew.

He said that most of the hotels with waterfronts overlooking the Arabian Gulf increased their occupancy rate during the last Eid al-Fitr holiday to range between 20-40%.

Najia added that hotels in Kuwait are still suffering from low occupancy rates due to the closure of the airport and the absence of delegations from abroad. Many hotels depend on businesses such as Conferences, celebrations, and events, to generate profit, and with the absence of these events, they continue to suffer losses. Now, most of their reservations depend on citizens only.

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