The government has begun implementing the action plan in the area of managing government facilities and assets, including roads, airports, residential, industrial and service cities, and government facilities in general.

This is done through the latest technological means and communications, and the development of systems through artificial intelligence, reports a local Arabic daily.

A document that has been issued in this regard shows the implementation period will range between five and eight years, and that the government’s approach aims to ensure that state facilities achieve the desired goals in the areas of economic, financial and administrative aspects, in addition to managing them during disasters, through the use of modern performance measurement and monitoring systems.

The document indicated the program will go through four different phases:

— Reviewing the current strategies (if any)

— Updating and developing the infrastructure project assets strategy

— Developing the implementation mechanism for the asset management strategic plan and

— Obtaining the necessary approvals to approve the asset management strategy for the concerned and related parties.

The sources added that the action plan includes reviewing similar experiences and projects locally in the public or private sector, and even abroad, in order to design a developed regulatory framework for smart, sustainable and resilient infrastructure asset management information systems in times of crisis.

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