The head of the Parliamentary Priorities Committee, Representative Abdullah Fahad, revealed that there are 3 laws in agreement with the government, that are conflict with interests, financial aid for housewives, and raising the ceiling for pensioners salaries, which the government has approved in the principle of this proposal, and that it needs a deadline to discuss the technical and legal part.

Noting that these laws will soon see the light, and will be included on the agenda of the next session, because they are ready for implementation by the committees.

He stated that the government informed about the work program that will include, the housing issue, the credit bank financing law, a real estate financing law, and the housing city companies law, and a law that the government will present as a project, which is the strategic alternative, and it will be ready within a month.

There are projects related to economic and financial reforms, and there are also political reforms, including the election law, and the electoral commission, which will be within the program.

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