The employees return to work after a considerable period of time today as today marks the first working day without a curfew. The decision to increase the rate of attendance up to 60 percent at workplaces, has left each government agency to determine the appropriate percentage for its employees in a way that does not exceed the limit, Al-Rai daily reported

Government sources explained to the daily that the decision allows government agencies to increase the percentage of present employees up to 60 percent. From today the authorities will likely start coordination with the Civil Service bureau to determine the proportions of employees.

The sources pointed out that the process of determining the percentage needed from each ministry to refer to the directors of departments, especially in light of the different tasks and nature of one department from another.

In the context, the daily learned that most government agencies will determine the percentages required to attend the workplace during the first meeting at the level of the ministry’s leaders, at the beginning of each week.

In the first announcement by a government agency, the Ministry of Education stated that it would implement the Cabinet’s decision to raise the attendance to 60 percent, provided that working hours start from 8:30 in the morning until 1:30 in the afternoon.

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