Scenes of a meteor, penetrating the atmosphere in the Saudi sky, raised questions inside and outside the Kingdom, after it was seen from Hail and Al-Qassim, where it lit the sky with a green light and left a trail of smoke in its path, in a phenomenon known as “fireball”.

According to Al-Arabiya.Net, after analyzing the images and videos, the astronomer at King Abdulaziz University, Malham Hindi, suggested that it was a medium-sized meteorite that burned in the atmosphere, reports a local Arabic daily.

According to Hindi, and based on a large number of testimonies from various cities, the approximate location of the meteor entering the atmosphere is between Hail, Medina and Qassim at an altitude of 80 to 120 km if any of it survived, it may have reached the land between Taif and Riyadh.

This phenomenon is called “fireball”, which is about the size of a soccer ball that enters the atmosphere at great speeds, which leads to its combustion as a result of friction with the air.

The green color appears as a result of the combustion of the meteorite components from minerals such as magnesium, aluminum and iron as a result of high heat.

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