The Educators have launched an initiative for educational reform, which includes basic proposals to lay the foundations for education while supporting sustainable development, and transforming the role of the National Center for Education Development, to become a specialized center for the rehabilitation and development of educationists in supervisory positions such as the Head of Department, the Technical Director, the Assistant Director and School Director, and improving teacher professional practices, according to an approved program similar to qualification for a professional diploma.

The document, a copy of which was obtained by a local Arabic daily, stressed the need to invest in the intellectual frameworks that were developed and approved by the Steering Committee, headed by former Minister of Education Dr. Muhammad Al-Faris, with its standards and indicators for school leadership and school improvement, which do not allow any promotion in supervisory positions without a professional diploma.

The document suggested the establishment of a national center or a national body for evaluation and accreditation, through which the framework of national improvement and quality indicators, which has been achieved locally and internationally, and the follow-up and evaluation framework for the educational zone would be invested which will undoubtedly contribute to the success of the reform program.

The document defines a transitional phase of two to three years, during which the foundations and foundations are laid and the environment is prepared for the launch of the reform program, stressing the importance of sustainability in the success of the reform process, as it will not be achieved with efforts that do not plan for sustainable development, because of this strong strengthening of the process, and to transform the role of the National Center for Education Development during the transitional phase, to a center that aims to rehabilitate and develop the skills of educationists (at the school and educational district level), to be able to lead the improvement of school performance.

Commenting on some of the contents of the document, an educational source confirmed to the daily the educational districts have been in a state of stagnation for nearly 30 years, as their current structure has not changed since the years of integration in 1993, while the Ministry of Education is experiencing a state of tension with the Civil Service Commission and the civil community to develop this structure and create new jobs, departments and units that meet the developments of educational systems in the world.

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