The Ministry of Education stressed the commitment of most of the contracting companies, under the recent tenders, that provided cleaning services after fulfilling all the requirements required by the regulatory authorities, and at the same time announced taking the necessary legal measures against two companies that did not comply with the contractual terms, after the Central Agency awarded them as the lowest offered prices.

Officials stated that the agency did not undertake the recommendation of the relevant sector to exclude one of the two companies due to its non-compliance with the previous contracts before awarding the new tenders, an Arab daily reported, on its rights and the stability of its services, reiterating that it will not hesitate to apply the contractual requirements to the violating companies. In addition, it was noted that it has taken exceptional measures to address the labor shortage crisis, including the appointment of nearly 1,000 workers in the services department, all of whom were distributed to schools and benefitted from them in the cleaning operations and good preparation for the school year.

Officials also affirmed the companies’ full commitment to the regulations, decisions and circulars issued by the supervisory authorities regarding the requirements for tendering and practices, in addition to direct purchase that is only done in cases of necessity and under the approval of the Procurement Committee. It was noted that the direct contracting process for providing air conditioning units for schools in preparation for the school year was carried out in accordance with the legal frameworks after presenting the ministry’s request to the Central Agency for Central Tenders, which stated that the contract of less than 75,000 dinars is an original jurisdiction of the government agency, and on this basis the contracts were concluded according to the actual needs of each educational district. In addition, the ministry later issued public tenders to complete these needs.

The ministry pointed out that KD 4 million had been allocated an estimated budget for a tender or a general practice for the supply of air conditioning units for public education schools, including KD 800,000 for the current fiscal year. Some schools coincide with the completion of the tender procedures for the current fiscal year.

Officials stated that they had launched new tenders months ago for the maintenance of schools in the Jahra and Al-Asimah educational areas due to the expiry of the current contracts, and in view of the current circumstances, as well as, the actual need to prepare for the school year and prepare the electoral headquarters. Moreover, the ministry started direct contracting procedures for emergency matters only.

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