Officials are optimistic that there will be a breakthrough in the health crisis in the second week of May, high-ranking government sources revealed to Al Qabas daily.

These sources said that the number of coronavirus deaths and infections, and the patients in intensive care do not show a sharp increase in the next two weeks, there is optimism that the partial curfew currently being imposed on the country will be lifted for Eid festivities.

With regard to the opening of the airport, government sources said it depends on the vaccination pace of citizens to ensure they are protected from a possible infection from contact with incoming travelers, and the airport will likely open on July 1.

The source added the government’s intention is to open direct flights for citizens to return to the country from many countries on a banned list of high-risk for coronavirus, which will be discussed at the next cabinet meeting.

The government has been issued a directive to open many activities after the end of the curfew possibly at the end of Ramadan, including health clubs, companies, restaurants and associations, on the condition that all their employees are vaccinated and health regulations are adhered to.

While the sources revealed that one million vaccine doses arrived in the country in May and June, they emphasized that the vaccination is not mandatory, but it is possible that those who received the vaccine will enjoy benefits such as being permitted entry to many places and being allowed to travel, which will be determined later.

With regard to the decisions to ease the work suspension restrictions on some activities, the sources confirmed that is only after the workers of Coops, markets, banks and other services, have been inoculated by the mobile units in an efficient manner.

The anti-Coronavirus vaccinations given to service workers will contribute to strengthening community immunity, and ending the various regulations and restrictions imposed, the sources stressed the importance for members of the public to follow the dates granted for vaccinations, whether in health centers or the Kuwait Vaccination Center in Mushrif, or via field campaigns.

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