The Civil Service Commission has called on government agencies to inform the Public Authority for Combating Corruption “Nazaha” of those covered by their financial disclosure statements on a monthly basis.

The CSC issued a circular the day before yesterday to government agencies, calling on them to implement what is stated in the “integrity” request, by reporting monthly on appointments, promotions and assignments.

The “Nazaha” had criticized “the neglect of some government agencies to submit financial disclosure statements for their senior officials who are covered by Nazaha, in cases of promotion and delegation, and only the first declaration, and its update upon appointment, is satisfied.”

In a letter to the Civil Service Commission, Al-Qabas obtained a copy of it, the head of the authority, Abdulaziz Al-Ibrahim, called to “circulate to all state agencies affiliated with the civil service system, to report monthly to the integrity names of persons who have been appointed, promoted, or delegated to vacant positions subject to the provisions of the law establishing the authority, or those who have ceased to be subject to the status of submission with their signature on other forms.”

In addition, the total of unreceived returns from those covered by it, until the end of last April, amounted to 15, a marked decrease from the numbers recorded at the beginning of this year, when 127 respondents were late in submitting statements.

Recent statistics, obtained by Al-Qabas, indicated that the total of those covered by the financial disclosure declaration amounted to 28,660 leaders and supervisors, representing 99.6% of the total subject to the law establishing the Anti-Corruption Authority.

And it indicated that 15,749 of those covered submitted a financial disclosure declaration for the first time, which represents 54.9% of the total declarations submitted to “Integrity”.

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