While the Kuwait Municipality intends to present a new development idea for the Shuwaikh beach opposite the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center, after the approval of the Municipal Council to re-transfer its affiliation from the Amiri Diwan to the Municipality, the citizens demand the preservation of the Kuwaiti heritage spirit of the beach, and not to turn it into something like ‘Anjafa’.

The citizens emphasized that the beach management policy requires a national vision that instills the heritage character and the historical and civilizational depth while mixing it with a popular culture, and not bringing about changing the face of the heritage spirit and completely changing its features and turning it into a commercial square that obscures the beautiful outlet for its visitors on the sea and enjoying the beautiful open atmosphere.

Visitors to the Shuwaikh Beach said that it needs some modernization and restoration that will restore it to its former state, especially since the beach does not suffer great damage that needs to change its features, and this represents a great challenge for the Municipal Council and the Kuwait Municipality, who have engineers and technicians with extensive experience, and are able to know the needs of the area corresponding to one of the most prominent cultural projects in the country and located in the capital, where the part has turned into a completely different and distinctive waterfront.

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