Data presented by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers show a decline in the strategic stock of the society’s needs of basic commodities, from its sufficiency recorded in the same period last year.Informed sources told a local Arabic daily frozen chicken is at the forefront of food commodities that have been experiencing widespread pressure for a while, after the quantities of its supply declined due to the geopolitical developments imposed by the Russia-Ukraine war.

The sources indicated frozen chicken reserve will suffice for the entire population of Kuwait for about 15 days, and for ration card holders for about a month, pointing out that the strategic lentil stock suffices the general population of the country for about a month, while it suffices for 60 days for ration card holders.

The sources pointed out that the Ministry officials are monitoring withdrawal on infant formula in the markets while the control eye has become more open to the sufficient stock of barley.

On the other hand, the sources revealed Kuwait possesses quantities of eggs equivalent to 130 percent of the volume of daily domestic consumption, which means that there is a surplus of 30 percent over the need for consumption.

On the latest developments of the ministerial committee formed to enhance the food security system, the sources indicated that there is consensus to move on 5 main axes — the availability of the commodity, its accessibility, its safety, its health quality and its stability.

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