Chances of scattered rain accompanied by thunderstorms in some areas and reduced horizontal visibility expected starting from Tuesday due to dust.

The Kuwait Meteorological Department announced that Al-Wafra station recorded 5 mm of rain in the early hours of this morning, reports a local Arabic daily.

The weather forecast observer at the Meteorological Department, Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi, said that the country was affected by a weak extension of Sudan’s seasonal depression, coinciding with the presence of a depression in the upper atmosphere, which led to the proliferation of low and medium clouds interspersed with thunderstorms and light to medium rain accompanied by winds of 40 kilometers per hour speed over southern regions.

However, the chances of rain will recede today and tomorrow and return the day after tomorrow, Tuesday, in quantities of varying intensity between light and medium, with high levels of humidity and the possibility of fog forming over some areas of the country.

The Meteorological Department had reported earlier today, that forecasts for the continuation of chances of scattered light rain in the country today, until the afternoon, but these chances will gradually decrease in the evening, while the weather will continue to be cloudy until tomorrow, Monday.

The observer at the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation – Meteorology Department Dhirar Al-Ali told Kuwait News Agency that from Tuesday until the end of the week, there are chances of scattered rain accompanied by thunderstorms in some areas, and dust laden winds that may lead to a decrease in horizontal visibility.

Regarding temperatures, Al-Ali stated that the “maximum” will range between 28 and 30 degrees Celsius; the weather will ne moderate to hot during the day and moderate to cold during the night, especially in the open areas, and the lowest temperatures are expected to range between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius.

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