A British nurse, who is being tried for the murder of seven children in 2015 and 2016, once again denied that she had harmed or killed children, while on the last day of her interrogation she denied that she was “those who plan before taking any step.”

Lucy Letby, whose trial began in October in Manchester (northwest England), is accused of killing these babies when she was a nurse in the neonatal department at the Counts of Chester Hospital. The prosecution accused her of killing children by injecting them with air or insulin, reports Al-Rai daily quoting AFP.

Tension prevailed during Friday’s hearing with Attorney General Nick Johnson.

“You are a woman who plans every detail before making any decision, isn’t it?” the prosecutor asked Lucy, 33, adding, “You lie on purpose, to try to sympathize with people and get their attention, right?” To the defendant’s response to these questions, Letby answered “No”.

The prosecutor again turned to the nurse by saying, “By killing these children, you’ve drawn attention, isn’t it?” “I did not kill the children,” said Letby, adding, “I have never killed any children, nor did I harm any of them.”

At the start of her questioning sessions in May, Letby said it was “disgusting” that the accusations had been made against her. “I didn’t believe it, I don’t think anyone could be accused of anything worse than that,” she added.

She repeatedly denied that she had ever intended to harm infants.

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