The Minister of State for Housing and Urban Development Ammar Al-Ajmi announced the approval of the National Assembly on the budget for financing housing units for four suburbs in Al-Mutla’a.

Al-Ajmi added, during a tour of Jaber Al-Ahmad City, that “there is ongoing coordination with the Ministry of Finance regarding this, as the financing budget reaches nearly 600 million dinars, covering 9800 plots,” reports a local Arabic daily.

When asked about the continuation of the current housing philosophy “land and loan”, he replied: If we want to solve this issue, more than one method must be developed through cooperation between the government and the housing committee.

Al-Ajmi indicated that approvals were taken from the Fatwa and Legislation Department regarding infrastructure tenders in South Sabah Al-Ahmad, stressing that there are efforts to reduce the waiting period for citizens for housing, which used to extend for twenty years, and we dreamed that the waiting period would be reduced to less than five years, which is fortunate to be achieved by the presence of decision-makers.

Al-Ajmi promised to come up with solutions that lead to a solution to the housing issue through coordination with the National Assembly, saying there is a tendency to make available more state-owned lands.

He pointed to decisions that would make the Kuwaiti family happy, in line with the new approach and the new era.

He stressed that there is coordination to receive 60 apartments in Jaber Al-Ahmad that were in the possession of the Ministry of Health during the Corona pandemic, pointing out that coordination is underway to receive and distribute them to citizens.

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