As part of the measures aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, health officials revealed to Al-Qabas that the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior is coordinating to report any gatherings organized inside offices or the hosting of events at homes.

Anyone caught violating the rule, the house owner is notified directly about the end of the gathering involving relatives and others. The daily said, quoting sources, that recently, there have been some gatherings inside offices in violation of the health preventative measures against the coronavirus.

To handle the blatant disregard for the laws, health teams monitor these gatherings and inform the Ministry of Interior immediately, to ensure that the virus does not spread among citizens and expats. Consequently, more than one social event was shut down, the last of which was in the Sabahiya area two days ago. There is an urgent need to adhere to the Ministry of Health’s instructions regarding social and physical distancing, wearing masks, washing hands regularly and avoiding contact.

The health teams, through using the ‘Shlonik ‘ app, continue to impose home quarantine measures on those infected with coronavirus or those who have come in contact, as well as maintains daily communication with them to ensure that they do not break the home quarantine and leave the application-restricted site.

As soon as a person comes in contact with coronavirus patient, a test is performed and if the result is positive, they have to undergo quarantine, and in the event that the person breaks the quarantine, a direct report is submitted to the competent authorities at the Ministry of Health to take the necessary action against him.

Regarding the procedures against those who break the home quarantine, the daily said, quoting sources that the Ministry of Health is adhering to the laws and regulations to address the coronavirus crisis.  Patients infected with the coronavirus who ignore the quarantine rules are arrested, with the Ministry taking legal measures against them. A felony case is registered in coordination with the Ministry of the Interior. The Ministry had recorded separate cases against more than one patient proven to have broken the home quarantine recently, with the total number of cases registered against such patients ranging between 70 and 80 cases, since the start of the coronavirus crisis in late February.

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