The campaigns of the Department of Public Cleanliness and Road Occupancy at the Municipality Branch of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate, during July, resulted in the removal of 67 abandoned cars, boats, groceries on wheels and scrap containers, and placing of 716 stickers on neglected cars, boats, movable groceries and commercial containers in preparation for their removal after the expiry of the specified period.

The Public Relations Department in the Kuwait Municipality announced that these campaigns come to raise the level of cleanliness and everything that obstructs the road and distorts the general view, reports Al-Rai daily.

The Director of the Public Cleanliness and Road Occupancy Department at the Governorate Municipality Branch, Fahd Al-Quraifa, explained that the aim of the intensive field tours is to monitor violators and take all legal measures.

He pointed out that his supervisory team pays great attention to raising the level of cleanliness in the areas under its responsibility, as well as removing everything that distorts the aesthetic view and works to occupy the road in all areas, through the field tours that it implements to preserve the civilized view of the governorate.

He emphasized the continuation of field tours and the non-compliance of the supervisory team in taking all legal measures against violators of the general hygiene and road occupancy regulations.

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