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Zumba fanatics hold one-day fund raiser for girl’s medical needs
February 7, 2015, 10:49 am

Two hundred Zumba fanatics gathered Friday morning at the Judo Hall of Qadsia Gym in Hawally to raise funds for Nina, a Filipina girl who needed financial assistance for surgery for injuries sustained due to a fall from a 3rd floor where she resided with the mother. Nina, a fifth grader in an Indian School, suffered bone and jaw fractures that need a series of operations and medication.

Two hundred attendees responded to the invitation posted on social network by the Gym Team and Pinoy Z Lovers along with five instructors; Jeramie Red, Janice Capili, Jannet Miranda, Blanche Bravo and Ricky Laxa who alternately took the stage to provide great exercise routines and fun workout.

The class, which lasted an hour and half, ended with a full house attendees. Sets of Latin and contemporary music raised the class enthusiasm paired with creative and fun moves delivered by the instructors. “This kind of class is rarely organized where its purpose lives up to Zumba’s mission, which is to help and featuring different instructors showcasing varied styles” stated Bravo.

The workout culminated with the handing over of funds collected from the class and donors to Nina’s mother who came to receive the donations. Extra donations were also collected from an organization and different individuals who responded to the appeal, these were; The Philippine Amateur Basketball League in Kuwait,Kiyani Team, Mr. Tenorio, Editha Hael, Aleli Caburian, Maripol Abdallah, Pinoy Z Lovers, Bill Valenzuela, Hengie Taton and others.

Mariam was in tears but thankful when she received the envelope from Philippine Labor Attaché’s wife and founder of PZL Gwendolyn Chavez. “I urge more attendees to bring their friends to the class not only to create awareness on the importance of health but be able to be of assistance to those who may need help,” said Mrs. Chavez. Mariam delivered a brief message of thanks addressed to the group and to the generous instructors who gave their time and effort to make the event possible. More organizations included a Saudi Arabia based group have pledged to extend assistance to Nina 

Certificates of recognition were handed over to the instructors for their generous contribution to the event and to sound system sponsor Elma Sebullin aka DJ Sky Lady Zone. PZL thanked Ijen Paladio for single handedly manned the door for the donations and funds. PZL has also recently donated the total collection from its January classes to a one year old boy in the Philippines who needs an urgent heart surgery.

“I always believe that when one hand extends out to help the other one will always be there to share as well. I laud PZL for their work and hopefully they continue to live up to the purpose why it was created, which is to help,” ended Mrs. Chavez.  

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer


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