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Zumba Zombie Friday with The Gym Team, all instructors on stage
November 1, 2015, 11:53 am

Attendees of the Friday fitness class of The Gym Team at Chai Al Dhaha ballroom of The Radisson Blu hotel arrived clad in theme colors of red and black and creepy outfits in celebrate the annual tradition of Halloween. To mark the occasion, available fitness instructors took the stage to share workout routines.

Five instructors completed the hour and half class kicked off with a warm up by Viking Club Media and Communication Associate Ricky followed by Personal Trainer ZIN Sam Malit. ZIN Helen Rahi of Marina Hotel perked the morning with two workout routines with a remarkable presentation of two routines from ZIN Stella Munch. Munch’s presentation of Michael Jackson’s Thriller earned the loudest applause.

Ambassador of Zumba ZIN Blanche Bravo of Holiday Inn ended the workout routine with two excellent routines included popular Filipino song “Sumayaw Sumunod”. Attendees sang while exercising to the beat of the song. Guest Ballroom Instructor Helmi Bseiso cooled down the workout with salsa, merengue and bachata routines.

ZIN Bravo gave out perfumes to winners of the best costumes with ZIN Munch winning the grand prize and DJ Skylady Zone bagging the second prize and DJ Sniper with Dina winning the succeeding prizes. The event ended with a sumptuous brunch brought by everyone to enjoy the occasion. The Gym Team wishes to thank everyone for taking time and effort to dress up for the occasion and preparing food contributions.

It also wishes to thank The Viking Club of Radisson Blu Hotel for the complimentary use of its hall and photographers who never fail to share and post photos of the classes. The Gym Team also announces that membership cards will be implemented soon to its regular attendees that will give them priority to attend the classes on weekly basis. More events are currently on pipeline and will be announced soon. The Gym Team mentors: Ricky Laxa, Blanche Bravo and Sam Malit wish to announce that they are solely connected to The Gym Team as mentors and trainers on voluntary basis and without payments for their services not and not with any other similar related activity.

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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