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Zest 2016, the club day in IES carves a niche
February 17, 2016, 2:42 pm

CBSE international in the Indian Educational School (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan), Kuwait celebrated their Club Day, ZEST 2016 on Monday 15 February.

Anna Elizabeth Raju, a child prodigy of class 5, ICSK Amman Branch, and the Kalathilakam of Balakalamela of Kala Kuwait for the last two consecutive years, was the Chief Guest.

Principal T. Premkumar addressed the audience, while Suresh V Balakrishnan the Vice Principal CBSE gave the keynote address. Anita Sadananda and Lalitha Premkumar, Vice Principals of the senior and the primary wings respectively felicitated the function.

The event exhibited art and artifacts made by the Art and Photography club and also released ‘The Buzzing Bee’, an anthology of poems written by the kids in class 4.

The curtain for the cultural fiesta was raised at 11.30 am with the rejuvenating verses from the Holy Quran, the reverberating National Anthem of Kuwait and the all-encompassing lighting of the lamp.

The well chalked out programme found place in it for all the 217 growing kids in the CBSE section.

Music, dance, drama, mime, yoga, aerobics, speech, and every other genre of performance art found their remarkable slots in the cultural fest. The event also gave much importance to the didactic side, sowing the seeds of thoughts about the health and hygiene, importance of values in life, the bloody face of war and much more.

 The chief guest Miss Anna in her address demonstrated how she strikes a balance as a student between the scholastic and the non-scholastic activities, and also admired the school for having established a number of activity clubs for the kids. Anna also found time to entertain the audience with her mesmerizing musical renditions.

The vice principal, in his keynote address, emphasized the significance of activity clubs in schools, and of such a club day in the life of a child. He embarked on the thoughts that the purpose of the day was not to put up a big show to entertain the audience. It was to give children chances to perform in front of a solemn audience, interact and get exposed to a variety of thoughts and action pertaining to the preparation and conduct of a cultural fiesta.  The notes the kids hummed, the steps they danced, the dialogues and action they administered, the thoughts they delivered in speeches, everything is decisive, and is going to be deposited in their experience bank.

Principal Mr. Premkumar cited the examples of the achievements of the chief guest in the field of music and academics, and exalted his listeners to learn lessons from the life of the chief guest.

The vice principals, in their felicitations, emphasized the importance of encouraging the latent talents of the kids.

The event concluded on the electrifying beats of the Indian National Anthem.

Daniel Liang Mohan, the president of Reading Club gave the welcome speech, and Geo Varghese Mathew, the president of Heritage Club proposed the vote of thanks.

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