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Zed Al Refai at BSK’s Duke of Edinburgh International Awards ceremony
May 26, 2016, 9:28 am

Zed Al Refai - The first Arab to climb not only Mount Everest but also the seven summits - making him the 46th person to climb all seven highest summits in the seven continents of the world. Not only was Zed the first Kuwaiti to summit Everest but he was also the first Arab to do so.

Zed Al Refai was the guest speaker at the BSK Duke of Edinburgh International Awards (IA) ceremony. In his speech, he said, “We all have an Everest and it is us who choose to achieve our goals by working towards this goal with full commitment and perseverance. So what is your Everest?”

Ironically, for Zed, his Everest was Mount Everest itself. Yes, he did fail in his first attempt but instead of giving up, he worked hard on himself and trained even harder for his second attempt and this time, he achieved it.

The evening illustrated the IA becoming further surrounded within BSK’s community and with expeditions for the Gold, Silver and Bronze Award students completed to Sri Lanka, Cyprus and the UAE respectively, the achievements accomplished were outstanding. 

Zed Al Refai was the perfect guest for the International Duke of Edinburgh ceremony as these programmes include adventurous hiking expeditions that students have to complete in order to receive their certificates.

The charisma and motivation which Zed showered on the BSK students at the Awards Evening will fuel them for their future endeavours and lead them to conquer many more personal challenges.

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