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Zain recognizes VAS partners’ distinguished performance of the year 2015
March 6, 2016, 3:20 pm

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, recognized the distinguished performance of its Value Added Services partners for the year 2015 during an honoring ceremony held at the company’s main headquarters in Shuwaikh, where it also held the 7th VAS workshop for its partners.

Zain’s executive management, including Zain Kuwait Chief Commercial Officer Saad Beseiso and Value Added Services Director Nadia Al Saif were present during the honoring ceremony, where they recognized distinguished VAS partners for their efforts during the fourth quarter of 2015 as well as during the year 2015 overall.

The company recognized the outstanding performance of its VAS partners during the fourth quarter of 2015 as part of the ‘Al Awael’ program to highlight their exceptional efforts. Zain’s VAS partners showcased outstanding performance 2015, which was reflected in the company’s competitive and excelling value added services that offers the Zain customers, considered Kuwait’s biggest family of subscribers, with the best quality services in the country.

The recognition for the annual evaluation of 2015 was based on several key indicators: Numbase Limited came first in Zain’s net revenue, Media Phone came first in overall evaluation and Bulk SMS Revenue, Qanwat came first in RBT performance, Beecell came first in the target achievement, and AiwaGulf came first in the best account manager and partner relationship.

The recognition for the fourth quarter of 2015 was based on several key indicators  that led to earning Top performances , Zain honored One Global as first place in Zain net revenue category, top customer subscription in “Shik Meshari Alkharraz “ services  , and best content in Kafel Al aytam service in coordination with “Shik Meshari Alafasy “ , while Numbase Limited came first in gross revenue.

Zain organizes this honoring event several times a year to allow its authorized VAS partners to compete fairly with one another and drive more efficiency when offering the best services and products to Zain customers.

Zain considers its authorized partners an integral and crucial part of its overall success and a significant element of the company’s leading position. Zain encourages VAS partners to maintain their performance and continue offering the best services and products to its customers.

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