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Zain main partner of the Avenues charity initiative
August 8, 2015, 11:37 am

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, announced its main partnership of the Avenues charity initiative to support disadvantaged children through the use of smart screens. The campaign comes in collaboration with Kuwait Red Crescent Society.

Zain took part in the inauguration ceremony that took place in the Avenues mall with the attendance of Kuwait Red Crescent Society’s Chairman Dr. Hilal Al Sayer. Zain’s main partnership comes in line with its Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability strategies to take part in charitable programs that contribute to the welfare of local and regional communities.

The campaign aims at encouraging mall visitors to donate a small amount of money to support disadvantaged children who are in need of immediate help because of war or natural disasters. Several digital smart screens are placed throughout the Avenues mall and use a creative solution to attract and encourage mall visitors to donate as per the official processes of Kuwait Red Crescent Society.

The company’s partnership of this charity initiative comes in line with its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy that seeks to contribute to the welfare of the society in several ways. Zain prides itself on its long-track of records and contributions it has put in philanthropic areas. The company strongly believes that such initiatives help infuse a sense of responsibility into members of the society, to help support those who are in need of help.

It is worth mentioning that Zain has previously been awarded with the Gold Award for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility from the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility. The company spares no efforts in maintaining its social commitments and human spirit through multiple initiatives like supporting humanitarian aid campaigns during the past turmoil period, in which the company offered free calls and SMS services to Palestine for a whole week, in addition to providing the opportunity for its customers to donate by sending a free text message that is donated to humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza. In addition, the company donated an amount of half a million USD that was earmarked for food and medical supplies for the needy.



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