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Zain launches direct carrier billing with Google
February 27, 2016, 12:56 pm

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, announced today the launch of direct carrier billing service with Google, to make it easier for Android users to purchase apps, games, and digital content on their devices.

With the introduction of direct carrier billing with Google, Zain customers can now perform any online purchase transaction through the Google Play Store by paying for their purchases via their mobile phone balance without the need of using their credit cards.

Zain launched the Direct Payment Channel (DOB) platform in Kuwait back in June 2014, and the platform witnessed wide demand amongst its customers, being a safe and straightforward way to pay for online purchases. Today’s announcement comes in collaboration with Google to provide the DOB platform to Zain customers who enjoy the wide variety of Android smart devices.

Direct Carrier Billing allows users of select mobile operators to pay for digital content on Google Play by billing purchases to their mobile accounts; postpaid or prepaid. Once the payment option is set up, Zain customers will be able to charge app and content purchases from the Play Store directly to their mobile accounts.

Zain strives to offer customers the latest services and mobile solutions in the world of Value Added Services, all with the aim of surpassing customers’ expectations. The company will continue leading the market by launching unprecedented services, products, and solutions in addition to value added services geared at maintaining its leading position in Kuwait. 

Google Play store is the official application store for Android smartphones and tablets. Google makes software applications, entertainment, games and books available for purchase and download through the store. The Google Play store, which comes pre-installed on Android devices, allows users to purchase, download and install applications from Google and third-party developers.

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