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Zain launches “Do Not Disturb” campaign for online gaming enthusiasts
December 1, 2015, 12:49 pm

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, announced the launch of its latest campaign for online gamers entitled ‘Do Not Disturb’, wherein Avenues Mall visitors can enjoy an interactive and live online gaming experience on Zain’s ultrafast LTE-A network.

The new campaign runs from 26 November – 5 December, and all Zain customers and Avenues Mall visitors are welcome to visit the company’s dedicated booth at Grand Avenue and enjoy trying the fastest online gaming experience on the most advanced nationwide LTE-A network in the country.

Zain is offering an exclusive postpaid package for booth visitors, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of online gamers. The exclusive promotion of KD 23 offers a monthly cap of 1 TB, one free LTE-A router, one free PlayStation 4 device, free one-year PSN Plus subscription, Gamer Pass that allows unlimited online gaming on PlayStation Network without affecting the customer’s Internet plan, as well as one free PSN gift card with $70 credit.

Zain was keen to take an extra step to meet the demands of gamers and provide them with the ultimate online gaming experience, as it offers everyone the opportunity to try its most advanced LTE-A network through eight PlayStation 4 devices available at its dedicated booth. Zain will also be organizing an exciting online video gaming tournament during the last two days of the campaign with valuable prizes to be offered to the winners.

The introduction of this campaign highlights Zain’s eagerness in keeping pace with the ongoing changes of needs and wants of its customers. With this latest announcement, Zain strengthens its leading position in providing special services and offerings designed for the gaming community.

In efforts of providing the best gaming experience, Zain specially designed the latest campaign to surpass customers’ expectations. The company is well aware of the rising demands of Internet usage by online gamers, and thus has presented this campaign and exclusive offer to elevate their telecommunications experience.

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