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Zain completes highly effective Customer Week initiative across all operations
November 16, 2015, 2:28 pm

Zain Group, a leading mobile telecom innovator in eight markets across the Middle East and Africa, announced the completion of its Customer Week initiative that witnessed business chiefs, directors, managers, and general staff interact closely with customers over a week through different activities arranged in conjunction with the local customer experience teams.

Conducted across all Zain markets simultaneously, this project provided valuable insight into enhancing customer service, as part of the company’s ongoing commitment and mission to delivering the best-in-class customer experience as it transforms to an integrated digital lifestyle operator.

Zain’s Customer Day program first started in Q1 2014, and has been repeated on a quarterly basis ever since. The initiative, which for the first time was held for a week recently, essentially looks to ensure that both senior management and members of their functional teams are able to spend time within the organization’s touch-points with customers, and within internal units that support such.

The program has gone on to achieve two main objectives since inception; the first being its contribution to the accessibility of business chiefs directly to customers and front-line Zain staff; and the second being that the program has generated a number of positive initiatives that have been implemented by the very business chiefs and managers who participated in the initiative.

Commenting on the latest Customer Week program, Zain Group CEO, Scott Gegenheimer said: “Zain is focused on delivering an affordable and compelling digital lifestyle experience to our customers. The main focus of Customer Week is to offer an opportunity for traditionally non customer-facing staff and leaders to connect with customers as well as with our internal front-line staff. The week offered all stakeholders a great platform to step out of their daily roles and gain additional insights and awareness of the importance of nurturing the customer relationship.”

Gegenheimer added: “Ultimately, customers are the reason why Zain exists as a company, and ensuring that we continue to offer quality services in an appealing manner is critical. The front-line staff’s main priority is to ensure a smooth and effective experience for our customers, and I’m proud of the ongoing efforts at Zain in this critical area.” 

Zain’s Customer Day and Week programs have been a resounding success over the last two years, with a number of activities and developments having been undertaken, including:

• Having senior Zain staff serving customers in retail outlets
• Having senior Zain staff answering calls in the company’s contact centers
• Connecting with customers through social networks, including live chat sessions
• Visiting corporate clients at their premises and engaging with their employees to understand how Zain helps them undertake their functions
• Meeting with network engineers, in some cases out on location, to see how our base stations operate in order to run an improved network
• Contacting customers who have offered Zain operations feedback through the company’s feedback channels and real-time surveys

The interactions with customers during previous Customer Day’s has provided invaluable insights that have led to the implementation of viable customer experience management initiatives, as well as the general improvement of service delivery by Zain operations. 

At the end of each day during the program, Zain participants assemble and digest feedback in order to prioritize key actions that will continue to drive a better experience for Zain customers. Due to the positive reaction to the overall program, some Zain markets have gone on to expand the internal audience participating in the initiatives substantially, with all senior management figures becoming involved.

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