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Zain celebrates National holidays with care centers and children in hospitals
February 27, 2016, 3:01 pm

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, celebrated the joys of National holidays with the Ministry of Social Affairs’ care centers and children in hospitals on the occasion of Kuwait’s National holidays.

Zain showed its keenness to draw smiles on the faces of the less fortunate. The company’s Corporate Communications and Relations team distributed national day-themed gifts to people with special needs, the elderly, orphans, and children in hospitals in a patriotic and family atmosphere.

The visits witnessed were enjoyed by care centers and children as well as the administrative and medical staff in care centers and hospitals. This participation came in line with Zain’s Corporate Social Responsibility program where the company participated during this patriotic time of year to distribute gifts and celebrate this nationalistic occasion in a family atmosphere full of joy and happiness.

The company went on to state that February is a special time of the year for the Kuwaiti society, and thus it committed itself to sharing the joys of such times with those who are less fortunate. Zain’s continuous participation with different segments of society is a testament to the company’s belief that improving the lives of communities in which it operates is central to its overall activities.

Zain will continue to introduce initiatives that reflect the traditional humanitarian values and principles of the Kuwaiti society; aimed at enriching the art of giving and increasing bonding between individuals.



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