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Zain celebrates National Holidays with social media influencers
February 20, 2016, 2:11 pm

Zain, the leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, organized a special themed event to celebrate National holidays with social media influencers. The event witnessed wide attendance of bloggers, social media identities, and public figures who were welcomed by Zain’s executive management with the presence of the company’s Chief Executive Officer Eaman Al Roudhan.

The event was held in a patriotic and family-like atmosphere, reconfirming Zain’s pride in Kuwait’s national identity. The company shed light on the important role social media plays in influencing people’s lives nowadays. Zain also highlighted the various young influencers and bloggers who have played a big role in today’s Kuwaiti social media engagement. The overall event theme and atmosphere has driven creativity and innovation within the crowd, which resulted in admirable feedback by the bloggers and social media figures who attended.

There were several highlights of the many national-themed activities and programs undertaken during the celebrations, including a traditional live performance by a Kuwaiti band and redecorating the company’s building with the National flag’s colors.

The celebration provided an excellent opportunity for Zain to further affirm its relationship with social media influencers, as they are considered an integral part of the local community with big responsibilities towards enriching the national identity.  Zain has endorsed its leading position and successfully played a big role, as the first telecom company to launch social media channels in Kuwait.

It is worth noting that Zain is amongst the first companies in Kuwait to adopt social media tools to better communicate and engage with its customers. Zain has over 482,500 followers and subscribers on various social media channels in Kuwait.

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