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Zain Iraq launches #HassaEliya
March 20, 2016, 2:06 pm

Zain Group, a leading mobile telecom innovator in eight markets across the Middle East and Africa, announces that Zain Iraq, the country’s leading operator, has launched a multi-faceted program dubbed 'Hassa Eliya', (Now for Me). This initiative is focused on inspiring and empowering young Iraqi talents by encouraging them to explore their potential and skills, and equipping them with the necessary tools to help achieve their goals. The program aims to recognize and showcase Iraqi youth achievements to the world.

The program is based on the use of many innovative methods to stimulate and develop the relationship between Zain Iraq and the youth in Iraq, and among many initiatives, a Facebook page that serves as a platform for young Iraqis to voice their ambitions was just launched (five million views in just 72 hours). The Facebook page provides the youth with the opportunity to submit their ideas, projects and dreams and Zain Iraq will select a number of those suggestions and support their future development.

Zain Iraq’s 'Hassa Eliya' program will also incorporate a number of youth-focused activities including a motivating media campaign highlighted by the launch of a compelling television commercial with future plans to launch a career program on YouTube, as well as a community focused health, sports and innovation program.

The program’s television commercial is dedicated to the Iraqi youth, in a bid to motivate and inspire them to achieve their dreams, with Zain Iraq keen to send a message to the country’s youth that their skills and contributions to society are recognized and appreciated. It was developed with three underground bands made up of 17 young Iraq talents who never produced an official song or video before. Zain Iraq offered them the opportunity to work with professionals and produce a song that symbolizes the values of Zain as a company while at the same time speaking the youth’s language. It also showed that by offering the needed support, hidden talents could be brought to the world.

Ali Zahid, Chief Commercial Officer at Zain Iraq emphasized the role Iraqi youth play in shaping the future. "It is time the youth took the lead. Zain Iraq, through “Hassa Eliya”, aims to spread hope among younger generations, and make them feel that they have the necessary support and means to develop their abilities and talents. After all, this program is an incubator for young people’s potential, creativity and dreams. It provides them with the opportunity to communicate with the world and to present their ideas and projects to a much wider audience."

It is envisaged that “Hassa Eliya” will touch upon multiple youth-oriented activities and disciplines including music, literature, scientific research, innovation and technology. Ultimately, Zain Iraq would like to have “Hassa Eliya” serve as an invitation and call to action to all young people across the country to treat the program as a channel through which they can share their aspirations and ideas.

The program also falls in line with Iraq’s vision for the year 2020 as well as with Zain Group’s own drive to inspire and empower the communities in which it operates.

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