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Zaatar W Zeit – The menu that makes classic even better
January 17, 2016, 9:38 am

Located in the Menus Complex in Abu Halifa is Zaatar W Zeit. The franchise is best known for its variety of Lebanese food, especially its much loved mankousheh. Whether you head in for a great lunch or pizza or wraps, a simple snack of zaatar mankousheh, or just coffee, the venue and menu selections has something for everyone.

The sunlit dining area is equipped with booths and tables for intimate or large parties. You can transform yourself to Lebanon through the wall to ceiling photographs of Lebanese scenes or simply enjoy a dessert with the ocean breeze in the large outside eating area.

Whatever your reasons to check out this spot on the Coastal Road, you will undoubtedly notice the clean and organic feel. Wooden tables, a chalkboard menu and wooden barstools at the counter gives the feeling that you are not in just another restaurant in Kuwait, but that you are about to get ‘fresh wholesome goodness in every bite’ as promised.

Start with their basics by tryingout the chicken sticks with honey mustard dip and the old 3 Cheese Sambousek. For the health conscious who would not touch a fried stick, they have the delicious Zooza Salad, which includes baked potatoes, white beans, boiled egg, corn and black olives on a bed of lettuce and tuna, dressed with mustard vinegar.

The Manakeesh menu they have the Aarous Labneh, which includes traditional cream yogurt spread, served with olives tapenade, tomatoes, cucumbers and fresh mint leaves. Also have a go of their Cheese Moutabbal with its diced tomatoes and chopped onions, served as wrap or flat bread.

For those with little bolder taste buds, try out the Spizy Chicken from their special wraps menu. This marinated chicken is coated in melted cheese, with sautéed peppers, spinach and onions and a bit of their homemade spicy sauce. The Turkey & Cheese wrap also has its own specialty. This wrap includes melted cheese topped with slices of smoked turkey, pickles, lettuce and tomatoes seasoned with mayo mustard.For drinks try their fresh squeezed apple, orange, carrot or lemon juice.

Pizza lovers have a whole new taste to experience, including the Traditional Pizza,Steak Pizza and the delicious Ultimate Cheese Pizza, which is for all cheese lovers. The steak pizza is topped with pizza sauce, marinated beef, fresh mushrooms, green pepper, fresh onions, cheddar and mozzarella cheese.

Zaatar W Zeit’s desserts come in a cup, so you can always take it home and enjoy later. Their dessert menu boasts of vanilla custard, a specialty tiramisu, chocolate mousse and the delicious chocolate banana wrap. Zaatar W Zeit has its own delicious Strawberry Cheesecake. This traditionally heavy dessert is as light as a mousse, yet as creamy as a New York Cheesecake, on a light graham crumb bed with a thin layer of strawberry sauce. It proves as a perfect end to a delicious meal.

Zaatar W Zeit is located in the Menus Complex off the Coastal road in Abu Halifa. They can also be found in The Avenues, Marina Crescent, Shamiya Mall. To contact: Call, 1800333


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