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Z Crew holds masterclass, Fitpro plans events
September 9, 2017, 10:49 am

Z Crew Zumba trainers held recently a Zumba master class at the Judo Hall of Qadsia Gym in Hawally with Filipino trainers from selected gyms and fitness centers joined by Zin Alfredo Jay Bauzon, an International Presenter tagged with the title of ‘The most outstanding instructor overseas’. 

The hour-and-half master class drew the participation of Zumba and dance enthusiasts from different health clubs, and treated its students to fun and entertaining Latin and contemporary moves, leaving everyone sweated and worked out.

In a brief interview with Bauzon, he said that his trips abroad give him the opportunity to meet different Filipinos and foreign nationals who love to have fun and workout at the same time.

“I thank Z Crew for giving me this chance to be come to Kuwait and share my passion for Zumba and appreciate the warm welcome extended during my stay. I hope to return someday and lead another class for the team,” commented Bauzon.

On the other hand, The Fitness Professionals and Body Builders Committee (FitPro), a fitness ally of Z Crew Zumba Team sat down Friday morning to plan out its triad events in the upcoming months. FitPro President Noel Galicia told The Times that the seminar with workout will be coming up at the earliest to cater to instructors’ continuing studies and enhancement of their skills in providing competitive and up-to-date classes to their students.

Galicia also added that a sports festival including all fitness trainers will be announced soon. “The sports festival involving fitness trainers will be one of a kind and the first one in Kuwait, the event will be held one day and groupings will be made on the same day. Its purpose is to enhance camaraderie and friendship among trainers in the country,” stated Galicia. A Christmas get-together is also currently being organized to celebrate the end of the year and unveil its series of events in the coming year.

To find out more of the organizations’ updates, log on to Facebook Z Crew Q8 and FITPRO.

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer
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