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Z Crew Q8 holds Strong by Zumba class
February 28, 2017, 11:34 am

Z Crew team led by Mynnah Anna Dy from Ms. Champions Health Club and Blanche Bravo from the Holiday Inn Hotel held an hour and fifteen minutes of introduction to Strong by Zumba at the Chai Al Dhaha Hall of The Radisson Blu Hotel on Friday, 24 February. The class was attended by twenty five participants who took up the challenge.

The new trend introduced by Zumba does not include just dancing its has branched out a workout that involves high intensity interval class (HIIT) that includes burpees, pushups and power packed routines with prescribed beats and moves.

CEO Alberto Perlman said,“Whenever we would take one of those HIIT classes, we saw so many new HIIT classes come to the market, we would always feel a bit of frustration and a bit of a disconnect," he said, as though "music was an afterthought" and it was simply a playlist of music set to cues for various exercises. The company brought in an electronic music producer to create a song for a high intensity routine, and when the routine was matched with the music, it was like one of the training montages in movies. In other words: this is a tougher Zumba”.

Mr. Perlman added that although some traditional Zumba dance-style classes can certainly be heart rate-pumping and sweat-inducing, Zumba has been known for being approachable rather than forcing people to cry while they work their bodies. Unlike much of its current gym class competition, it isn't threatening, elitist, or characterized by grueling instructors. When it comes to at-home fitness, people often leave the grueling workouts to P90X or Insanity. And at the gym, there's a fair share of intense classes for people to try.

“The workout is not easy; it’s not all about dancing but combined with workout routines popular for people who engage in personal training. It’s a good workout but participants must be fit to attend such classes although options offer that you do the routines at your own pace. It’s a good option for those who prefer leveled up workout,” commented Anna Sarmineto.

Certificates of participation were given to attendees of the class and appreciation certificates were awarded to Bravo and Dy by the group’s mentor Ida Pellaud, wife of the General Manager of Radisson Blu Hotel, Kuwait

Strong Zumba is currently available among gyms and health clubs where most of the ZCrew Q8 instructors are certified and qualified to teach the classes. For more information about the group, log on to Facebook; ZCrew Q8 or follow their activities on instagram.

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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