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Youthful hairstyle tips
October 15, 2017, 4:34 pm

You worry a lot about keeping your skin youthful, but have you ever considered how your hairstyle might be another culprit that is aging you? See: wispy bangs, limp locks, or chopping all your hair off once you have hit a certain age. The truth is, you can make simple hair changes that instantly leave you looking fresh-faced and, more importantly, give you a confidence boost. Here are some tips to help you look youthful by managing your hairstyle.

Go for full-on fringe: Bangs can be worn by anyone and are an easy way to make a dramatic hair change. A fringe brings out a youthful look if they are on the fuller side rather than thin and wispy, which can age you. The key is to cut your hair at an angle and never straight across. You want the outer edges to gradually get longer to help frame your face and blend in with the rest of your hair. Not ready for bangs? Pick a side and try the side-swept fringe.

Add some va-va-volume: Naturally straight and limp hair gets more pronounced with age, and the longer it gets, the less volume there will be at the root. Now is the time to reach for volumizing products, including shampoos, conditioners, and styling agents. Another tip is to keep your hair at about shoulder length to prevent it from falling flat.

Shine on: Dull hair can drag you down, but a head full of shiny hair can take years off. Hair that is vibrant and shiny looks healthier and more youthful. Your best bet is an oil finishing spray onto damp or dry hair for extra glow and softness.

Consider length and layers: It's a common misconception that the older you get, the shorter your hair should be. Thick hair looks the most youthful at shoulder length or longer. The only downside to longer hair is the weight. To avoid weighing your hair down and achieving a younger look, add in subtle layers to give hair movement and volume.

Moreover, subtle layers paired with a sea salt spray create a no-fuss morning routine and effortless style.

Shampoo strategically: One way to maximize shine and keep hair healthy is to not wash your hair every day and to shampoo strategically. Overwashing strips your hair of its natural oils, resulting in brittle hair and unwanted split ends. When shampooing, it's important to apply shampoo only at the roots, as it is the oiliest area. Condition only the middle shaft of the hair down to the ends, rinsing with cold water to rehydrate and seal the cuticle. In between washes, dry shampoo is your best friend.

Also try using a shampoo that's formulated specifically for aging hair, preferably one with ingredients to hydrate and protect hair from future damage as well as make hair noticeably softer, shinier, textured, and more manageable.


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