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Youth driven to make better life and world a better place to habitat, Information Minister Manish Tiwari exhorts youth at PBD
January 7, 2014, 4:41 pm

Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Information and Broadcasting Manish Tiwari, has said that while border control, visa regulations and immigration formalities were the ground realities in connecting the global youth, it was undeniable that the march of technology, through the use of the internet, has enabled them to become a part of the global conversation.

Speaking at the Plenary Session of Youth PBD, Mr. Tiwari said that the internet represented the largest ungoverned space on earth and every two days more data is produced than since the dawn of civilization to the year 2000. This technology has given rise to a virtual civilization that allows young people who have the desire and passion to connect with others with similar aspirations around the world.

He said during his overseas travel in recent months he has discovered that the younger generation has a common aspiration: to make a life for themselves and make the world a better place to live in. In this context, Mr. Tiwari suggested that PBD should evolve a non-formal connect in an unstructured manner to allow the youth across the world to connect with one another seamlessly.

The session provided insights into India's fast emergence as a youthful and exuberant nation where approximately 50% of the working population falls in the age group of 18- 35 years. There has been some reverse migration in which a number of experienced and educated NRIs are now returning home to use their knowledge to build an inclusive and economically sound future for the country. This has led to the creation of a unique synergy wherein young Indians worldwide are now set to shape the future of the Indian growth story. This synergy is expected to be directed by the core principle of inclusive prosperity and driven by innovation and technology.

Dr. Renu Khator, Chancellor, University of Houston System and President, University of Houston, advised the delegates to pursue a dream, have a passion for it and understand and realize that there are people whose support you can count on. The three lessons of her life's journey are: One, it is certain that you will change, your dreams will change you; two, you will get lucky in your life, opportunities and doors will open and it is for you to grab them and three, that you will be tested, you will feel that life is unfair, but at the end you will emerge stronger and successful. "If you have a cause to pursue and the passion for achieving it, you will never quit," she said.

Dr. Charu Wali Khanna, Member, National Commission for Women, cautioned parents of young girls against putting pressure on their children to get married to Indians settled overseas without checking out their nationality and residence status in the host country. This cautionary note was made as she had come across umpteen instances of NRIs getting married in India and not taking their spouse with them. "Don't marry in haste and repent at leisure," she advised girls even as she urged the Diaspora to set examples not just by hard work but by their sincerity.

Ms. Matabadal suggested that the local embassies in the host country should invest in good relationships, the younger generation of NRIs should be engaged in framing policies for connecting them with the youth in India and there should be no discrimination in passing their entitlements to them.

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