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Youth India Kuwait honors expatriates for completing 40 years in Kuwait
March 17, 2016, 5:51 pm

Kerala Islamic Group President and Chief Patron Faisal Manjery inaugurated the program 'Honoring Expatriates' conducted by Youth India in connection with the Hala February celebrations.

In a scenario when even the government is unwilling to help the expatriates and the government is closing down the Ministry for Overseas Indian Affairs and when the life of expatriates are the subject of stories and cinema, a award winning organizations like Youth India,  who promote the issues of expatriates so much, can honor people who have spent a major part of their life as expatriates, he said inaugurating the function.

Benyamin, who illustrated the expatriate life with 'Aadu jeevitham' and Babu Bharadwaj who wrote a biography about his expatriate life and Expatriate author M. Mukundan are the leading figures who have been awarded the Youth India Expatriate Literary awards.

They have experienced the expatriate life first hand at its extreme and expressed the emotions and major happenings of being an expatriate through their literary works to their many readers. It is the duty of expatriates to honor the generation who had been here earlier who have experience the expatriate life with all the difficulties, the fruits of which are being experienced by the later generations. That is the reason to conduct such an function to honor the earlier generation of expatriates, said Youth India President Najeeb C.K in his presidential address.

Well known Cinema Director Unni Attingal felicitated the gathering.

The expatriates who have spent over 40 years in Kuwait are:

Paul Alias Parekadan Vareen Pailan of Thrissur, Mohamed Koya of Kozhikode, Koroth Abdul Majeed, of Kozhikode, Thazeparambil Akbar Ali of Malappuram, Shaikh Ali Sha, O Kunjathu koya of Kozhikode, Neelakandan K Kutty of Mavelikkara, Mattuvayal Yusuf of Elathur, PM Abdurahman of Kodungallur, O Easakoya of Naduvattam, Kozhikode, TK Ameer of Mahe, Abdul Latheef of Kozhikode, Ponnambath Kamaluddeen Koya of Mahe,  MTP Yusuf of Thrikkarippur and Neelakandan Ragunathan of Mavelikkara were honored at the event.

Prominent leaders in the socio cultural domain of Kuwait, Faisal Manjery, Afsal Khan, Siddeeq Valiyakath, apsara Mahmood, Afsal Ali, Unni Aattingal, Hamza Payyannur, Chacko George Kutty, Rizwan Abdul Kader, Khaleelurahman. PP Junoob, Aniyan Kunju, K Moidu, Najeeb CK and Shafi Koyamma honored the expatriates with a memento and Shawl.

Well known trainer Afsal Ali conducted a presentation on the topic 'Kanakku pizhakkunna Pravaasam' on the current economic situation and the need for discipline in managing finances and kids entertained the audience with cultural activities. Program Convenor Hasheeb, Mahnas, Shafi NK, Abdul Basit, Muhammad Haroon, Safwan, Ajmal , Hafees Muhammad and Abdul Azeez supervised the conduct of the program. Youth India General Secretary Shafi Koyamma, welcomed the audience and Youth India President  Najeeb CK proposed the vote of thanks.

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