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Youth India’s ‘Better Tomorrow’ project helps poverty-stricken laborers
May 25, 2015, 1:12 pm

The ‘Better Tomorrow’ project created with the slogan ‘Let’s join hands for a better tomorrow’ heralds a new model in charitable activities in Kuwait. The Youth India volunteers and Youth India members, who have enrolled for this project every month, visit well-wishers and collect the foodstuff they have deposited in the ‘Better Tomorrow bucket’ from their regular purchases.

The Youth India officials then divide the items collected into kits with all the necessary items equally separated and then, deliver the kits to the needy. "The response to the project from the expatriates is heart-warming," said Youth India officials. The first phase of the distribution was done last week at Wafra in a labour camp, where the inmates had to endure hardships, living without a job or salary due to the negligence of the company authorities,  and were in dire straits without access to proper food.

The food kits containing the basic food items provided them with much needed relief  and would suffice for at least the next few days. The ‘Better Tomorrow’ project convener Nisar K. Rasheed, Youth India President Rafeeq Babu and General Secretary P.T.Shafi  coordinated the activities.  

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