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Your beauty cheat sheet
June 2, 2013, 5:56 pm

If you are always running out of time, feeling lazy, or worse, klutzy with makeup, a list of failure-proof tricks is just the thing to help in dolling yourself up fast.

Scalp: The scalp is an often-ignored part of most people's beauty regimen. Either that or it gets the same treatment as the hair. However, the growth and health of your hair depends on the well-being of your scalp. It would definitely help to care for your scalp to get a strong, lustrous mane.

Gothic chic: So, there is not much time for a swipe of eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara before you have to head out? Or, are you generally klutzy with makeup and haven't yet mastered blending? Well, try the gothic/punk/rocker chic smoky eye. Use your eyeliner pencil or kajal stick (waterproof ones) to line the upper and lower lash line. You don't have to do this with great finesse. Just draw a thick line and close your eye. Use your finger to smudge the line on the eyelid up towards the crease, just like you would rub your eyes after waking up. Use an ear bud to clean and smoothen out the edges. You can also the Q-tip to smudge the colour more. Smokey eyes with zero hassle are good to go.

Brush matters: Use a concealer brush to apply your lipstick. It works better than a lip brush since it blends the lipstick faster and easier.

Drying hair: Running late as usual but there's no way you can go to work with wet or damp hair? You absolutely have no time for a blow-dry, so you rub your hair with a towel vigorously, making a frizzy mess? Well, try using paper towels. They soak up more water than cloth towels. It is more effective in drying your hair without creating a frizz.

Smudge-proof makeup: Always do your eyes first while applying makeup. This saves time, especially when you use loose powder eye shadows or if you want to redo your eyeliner. It makes sense to do your eyes and then clean up the area with a swipe of concealer rather than redoing your base makeup from scratch. The concealer clears any fallout as well as conceals your dark under-eye area.

Not the trout pout: An eye pencil in pearly white, light gold, champagne or even nude colour can enhance your lips and make them look fuller. Outline your upper lip, concentrating on the Cupid's bow and fading it out towards the edges. It makes your lips look fuller by adding volume. Defining the Cupid's bow creates an illusion of a pout and looks more natural than when you use a lip liner.

Beachy babe: Channel your inner Gisele and rock beachy waves this summer. All you have to do is dampen your hair at night and leave them in two pigtails overnight. Viola! Here are perfect waves sans products. However, if you forget to put your hair in braids overnight, here's what you can do instead. Part your hair in two sections and braid them. Spray the ends with a texture-enhancing salt spray and twist your braids into a bun. Use a diffuser to dry your hair completely. When your hair has cooled down, open the buns and undo the braids. You will the proud owner of beautiful beach hair.

Highlighting highs: Your nude-colour eye pencil can double up as a highlighter for your face. Draw a line along the bridge of your nose and blend it with your fingertips. The warmth of your fingers will melt the product and make blending easy. Also, draw a line along your brow bone.

Add depth: You can fake full, luscious lips by using dark eyeliner pencils as lip liners. Dark lipsticks like reds and wine tones can make your lips look thinner. Black, grey and brown add depth to your lips when paired with dark lipsticks. However, the trick is to apply the dark eyeliner pencil only on the outer edges while avoiding the pout area completely.

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