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Young psychologists of ICSK Khaitan visit KSH
March 19, 2018, 2:26 pm

Psychology students from Class 12 of ICSK-Khaitan along with their teacher Shiny Shabu, visited the Kuwait School for the Handicapped at Hawally (KSH), as a part of their educational project on 13 March. The team was welcomed warmly by the authorities of the school. Guided by the physiotherapist of KSH, Mrs. Sharmila, the young psychologists were taken to different classrooms in which the children of KSH were divided into different sections according to their groups.

First, the group visited the autistic children, who always had a warm smile on their faces. Joining them in the music room, they sang a song prepared for those differently abled children. It was an amazing experience for them to see the beautiful paintings done by those differently abled children which would definitely make anyone wonder how creative, gifted and talented they are! Mrs. Sharmila briefed ICSK students about different methods of occupational therapy and physiotherapy adopted to improve the concentration and motor skiils of hyperactive children.

One of the most emotionally challenging experience for the ICSK students was visiting Cerebral Palsy children in the residential wing. For some, their visions were affected, whereas some others had speech problems and were completely dependent on others. While distributing snacks, ICSK students had a fruitful session to interact with the challenged students at KSH.

Other than achieving the objectives, the visit gave the students the feeling of how blessed they are, with their families and friends. Even though they are able to do everything, they did realize that they had given up many things in life so easily without even trying. In spite of all their difficulties and struggles, the happiness seen on the faces of KSH children gave them an opportunity to appreciate their own lives. This visit opened their eyes and enabled them to have a deeper understanding about the significance of life. Arriving back to school they thanked their teacher, Shiny Susan Shabu and the Principal Gangadhar Shirsath for providing them with a memorable and special day.                

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